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Portable Toilets


Portable toilets, also known as portable restrooms, are self-contained, mobile units designed to provide sanitary facilities in locations where permanent restroom structures are unavailable or impractical. They are commonly used at construction sites, outdoor events, festivals, campgrounds, parks, and other temporary locations.

HOUSE-MATIC’s portable toilets typically consist of a small, enclosed compartment made of durable materials such as panel sandwich and steel structure. They are designed to be lightweight and easily transportable. The unit usually includes a toilet bowl, a toilet seat, a flushing mechanism (or chemical-based deodorizer), and a holding tank to collect waste. Some portable toilets may also have hand sanitizer dispensers or sinks for hand-washing.

Location Arequipa, Peru
Surface 275 sqm
Material Panel sandwich, interior floors in high resistance vinyl, porcelain bathroom fittings, etc

Customised modular construction solutions

Customised modular construction solutions

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