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Flat-pack Kit System



Our modules can be transported into 40′ sea containers, folded in FLAT-PACK KIT format; this system allows for 10 modules to be fitted into a container, which minimizes transportation costs.

Standard FLAT-PACK KIT module measurements for export purposes: 5900x2350x460mm

Once unloaded at the final destination, a small crane is all that is required (each kit weighs only 1,200 kgs) and the options for joining and assembling both horizontally and vertically are many and varied.

They are delivered as FLAT-PACK KIT in ISO size lots and, after a very quick and easy assembly process, living spaces for the most diverse uses (homes, offices, medical clinics, schools, bathrooms, event rooms, storage) can be achieved.

Location Our factory (Spain)
Surface 5900x2350x460 mm
Material Steel and polyurethane panel sandwich

Customised modular construction solutions

Customised modular construction solutions

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